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The music swells, Madonna takes her place on the balcony of the famed Casa Rosada and in the most dramatic musical exposition Yours truly has ever seen, belts out the most famous refrain: “Don’t cry for me Argentina!!!”

*Admin begins to cry a river*

Theatric works aside, Argentina, known as the Europe of South America has offered much to the world. For football enthusiasts, the athletic treasure Lionel Messi, for dancers, the tango, and for the foodies among us, excellent Asasdo and wine. This is a medical blog, however, so what does Argentina have for medical students and aspirants? FREE MEDICAL EDUCATION (conditions apply). You can thank us for pointing you in the right direction. 

This week, we have another treat for you, in the form of an International medical student in Argentina. Meet one of the sweetest persons I know, Santae!

Introduce yourself! My name is Santae Gordon @santae_whitney_gordon. I am from Jamaica, which is known as the heart of the Caribbean. I am studying medicine in Argentina, the Europe of South America


Why do you want to be a doctor? It has always been an aspiration of mine to be a doctor to assist and provide aid to those in need. For that reason, I began my journey by completing my first degree in Medical Technology at the Northern Caribbean University. Health education is key, and as a result, I have participated in many health expos where a team of my colleagues seeks to educate others about the laws of health, especially as outlined by Ellen G White. We try to educate about both the physical and mental while bringing Christ to them.

Why did you choose this country? I choose to study in Argentina because tuition is free and I knew other Jamaicans who are now studying medicine here. My younger sister is also studying here with me, my home away from home.

How do you apply for school there? In order to apply, a Spanish exam DUCLE level B2 is necessary.

What does medical school entail there? Medical school is 6years, including 1 year internship.

Universidad de Rosario School of Medicine

What does a normal day look like? A normal day varies now, due to online school. I always start my day with Devotion, then I try to do a light exercise. After that, I then eat and get into studying and the classes I have for that day.

What do you do to destress? To destress I usually have a movie night with my housemates and bake sweet treats. Fun things to do in my area…Umm,  maybe eating out and going to the parks with friends. 

What are your future plans? I plan to focus on finishing med school and just continue to help others in whatever way I can.

Dr Santae on a Medical Mission


She didn’t mention it, but Student Doctor Santae is also a blogger and has the best motivational quotes on Instagram @motivational_quote101.  Follow her and be inspired! Tell us how you felt about Argentina in the comments, and follow us on Instagram @medcuteonline! 

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