How to Beat Post-Exam Blues

Avoid post-exam blues

We’ve all been there. You really studied hard- or maybe you slacked off a bit. Whatever the situation, you came out of that exam feeling horribly. It’s got a name: the Post- Exam Blues. You feel depressed, your anxiety is about to hit the roof, and you feel this weird mix of not wanting to hear about the exam again, yet still, wanting to ask everyone about the answers you got: did you get them right or not? Even worse- there was a back section? Is there a trick on how to beat the post-exam blues?

You know that here at MedCute, we’ve got you… after all, we’re in the med school struggle ourselves. How can you shrug off those post- exam blues? Let’s find out.

1. Celebrate- the exam is over!

It’s done. Good or bad, you’ve completed something that has no doubtedly taken up a large amount of your time, and now, it’s over. Maybe you might have to do it again but as of this moment, it’s over. Go celebrate! Call up some close friends, binge watch your favourite series, relax a bit- you deserve it. Allow yourself to be grateful that you’ve made it- if not to success, to the end of the dreaded exam. After all, at the end of the day, it’s night. What will be will be. Live it up!

It’s done. Now celebrate.

2. Get some sleep

You’ve pulled all-nighters and maybe as we speak, your head is pounding. Allow your body to repair itself by getting a nap. Your body needs to rest and recharge for the exams you have ahead and the full days of study you’ll need to catch up with later on. Don’t feel the need to keep going like the energizer bunny. Med students are entitled to sleep. head to bed.

Take a nap!

3. Don’t go checking your answers

I know you feel that you need to check if the answer to number 4 was C. But don’t do it. It either was, or it wasn’t, and if it wasn’t all you’ll do is make your self feel worse. At this point, you can’t change it, so choose to look ahead and make plans to do better the next time. Ignorance is bliss, after all.

4. Get some exercise

Just as sleep helps to repair your tired body and mind, exercise is a great stress reliever. Even if you’re no cross-fit junkie or you can’t run two minutes without feeling winded, even a brisk walk outside so you can get some fresh air can do wonders to relieve those post-exam blues and stress! Try it! I promise it works!

5. Eat well

Food makes everything better. You know it’s true, and you deserve a good meal to lift your spirits after that “murderation” you’ve just sat through. Go feed your body good food that will not only silence your runmbling tummy, but help remind you about the lovely things in life there still are to enjoy.

6. Think Positively

Even if you are sure that it didn’t go well, please know that one failed exam- or ten- is not a measure of your intelligence or ability. Medical school is hard, and you’ve gotten this far because you are capable. You’ve had a bad day, and that’s normal. If you need to cry it off, do so, but after doing everything else on our list, be assured that if you don’t give up, that MD or MBBS or Licenciatura de Medicina (depending on where in the world you study) will still be there waiting for you at the end of your journey.

Chin up- it’s not the end


There are so many other ways to beat the post-exam blues. What do you do? And do any of our tips work for you? Share with us in the comments, and remember to join our community on instagram @medcuteonline or on Facebook! Remember, YOU CAN DO IT!

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