The Foodie Doc is In!

The foodie doc

The irony of med school is that while we study how to treat our patients and keep them healthy, many of us have an unhealthy relationship with food. Medical student Shayanah doesn’t have that problem though!

While scrolling through Instagram I saw her page and was mesmerized at the delicious looking food she cooks, eats and prepares regularly!The foodie doc is in at MedCute today! And you know how we love foodie docs around here! Let’s see how she balances a love of food and medicine!

Interview with the Foodie Doc

  1. Hey! Introduce yourself!

Hi my name is Shayanah O. B-A. For short I tell people to call me SOBA or Shay. I’m from Haiti and currently a med student at St George’s University. During my gap year I did Americorps and worked as a family engagement specialist and learned there the benefit of selfcare in life.

The foodie Doc
Student doctor SOBA!

2. How would you describe your relationship with food?

I’ve always loved cooking and trying new food. I’ve been a pescatarian for 11 years now, so I’ll try anything if it goes on the peascstarian, vegetarian or vegan line. For me cooking is the best way to cope with stress at home, so I decided to see it way more as a selfcare routine than anything else.

3. What cuisines are your favorite to eat and to prepare?

I’m a big fan of Haitian, Thai, Korean, Mexican, Indonesian and Ethiopian cuisine and I go crazy for Mangoes, sushi and boba tea.

4. How does meal prep factor in to your busy med school schedule?
As a med student, and a former stem major in undergrad, I tend to be overwhelmed with school and forget to properly take care of myself. I try to make the best of the 24 hours that God gives me daily, so meal prepping helps me save a lot of time for other stuff.

Secondly, I cook on a strict budget so when I meal prep I usually plan the meals that I will eat for an entire month. Planning monthly is cheaper for me than doing it weekly. Therefore I buy in bulk and store everything for up to one month. Then I cook once a week. I mealprep EVERYTHING from boiled eggs to 3 dishes meal.

Meal Prepping!

5. What happens during exam times in terms of your cooking and mealtimes?
By planning a month in advance, usually during exam week I’ll already have the groceries ready and I’ll meal prep 2 or 3 days before exam week. I also try to have a lot of snack options, because I’m always hungry during exam week.

6. Any tips and tricks for med/health students trying to stay healthy and eat well?

People always ask me how I keep up with life and cook like that. Firstly, I multitask a lot, I’ll cook 3 meals at the same time and still find a way to be on the phone with my mom or catch up with loved ones! I’m no way a perfect student, but the day that I decided to take care of myself and learning how to manage my time, my life changed. Selfcare is essential.

Here are some tips for keeping on top of things foodwise:
– Let’s avoid too much caffeine, guys!
– Do not skip meals
– Snack smart
– Relax
– Get involved and sleep
– Take care of yourself

7. How can we keep up with you and your culinary pursuits?

Follow me @callmesoba, there you will see my arts and how imperfect I am as a med student.✨


We thank Shayanah, the foodie doc so much for sharing her kitchen and life with us. Remember to follow her on Instagram at  @callmesoba, and share if you have a favourite recipe that you guys love making at home! Follow us on Instagram as well at @medcuteonline

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