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So you’ve decided that you want to be a doctor. (Still not sure if medicine is for you? Click here.) Good for you! Now comes the hard part- how do you pay for it? Jobs and rich parents aside, there is a way to go to medical school for free. Yes, without paying a cent.

As always, we are here to let you know the avenues you can take to keep your pockets as healthy as your future patients will be. How can you attend medical school for free? Read more for the details!

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With these tips you will be as free as she is…

How to go to Med School Free

1. MD/PhD degree

If you are committed not only to helping others, but academia at its highest levels, then an MD/PhD degree is for you. (What is a MD/PhD?) If a clinical-research mix sounds great to you, then you’re in luck. Countless medical schools in the United States offer this degree program 100% free plus stipends for research. What’s the catch? These programs are extremely competitive and only a small fraction of students actually get in to these prestigious programs. But as they say, nothing beats a trial- so go for it! Here is a list of Medical Schools that offer the MD/PhD programs 100% free.

2. Exclusive US Universities

If research isn’t what you see for yourself in the near future, and you want to get your good old MD with nothing else added, there are still ways that you can go to school without even a buck for tuition. Another way to do this to to apply- and get in to a special group of universities in the US that require not only high grades, but excellent community service experience and a well-rounded student.

Many of these medical schools, while new are faculties within already established universities and offer their 100% unded degrees as incentives to attract students to their programs. The cons? Based on the school, an average of only 2% of applicants get in, which means it is extremely difficult to matriculate. Also, many of these schools are only offering this free tuition for a certain period, like  Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine or NYU Grossman School of Medicine (until 2024). So if you want to benefit, you have to get going on those applications- Non-US students also benefit from the free tuition, so take your shot!

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If this is you, you may be able to get in free at some universities

3. Foreign Education

If that is still iffy for you, and you want to be guaranteed a free medical education, nationality side, and living abroad or studying in a different language appeals to you, why not take a flight abroad? Many countries extend their arms and coffers to foreign students looking to study medicine through bilateral agreements and other private ventures that fully fund medical studies. These include countries such as Argentina, Cuba, Russia and China. Many even offer their programs in English, so you won’t even have to learn a new language! Free, opportunity to travel and grow? Seems like a good option to me. The drawbacks, however are that depending on your home country’s rules, you may have to sit liscencing examinations or redo certain aspects of your training to be able to work when you return- to be forewarned is to be pre-armed! ?

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This could be you, studying abroad!

4. Scholarships

Now, you know we had to put this one in the mix. Since the dawn of time (lol I’m not sure, but it’s been around for a while), people have been going to school on someone else’s dime with a little lthing called scholarships. Many times scholarships offer a percentage of of the total amount, but sometimes, based on grades or extracurricular activity involvement, one can actually benefit from a free ride. Sometimes, you can even win many scholarships that all add up. Is it easy? NO. But can it be done? YES. Here is a list of schools and cooperations that offer free ride scholarships, check them out!


Medical school is hard enough without having to worry about the dime and the loans that follow. Why not weight all your options? What are some other ways that a student can go to medical school for free? Let us know in the comments. Follow us on Instagram @medcuteonline for more!

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