5 Medical Influencers to Follow Right Now

We all know it- one of the best ways to motivate yourself is to look at someone who has it going on. As medical/health students, what better way to motivate ourselves than scrolling through the feed of a new breed of Instagram stars: Medical Influencers! While this comes with its pitfalls, having normal people who do just what we do makes a world of a difference. Below are 5 medical influencers to follow that brighten my feed, and that I look forward to seeing content from- that you need to follow! You’ll thank us for the Insta-motivation! (heh heh… see what we did there??? )

1. A Med Student’s Journey

I first learned about this page not as an Instagram account, but as a blogsite while procrastinating one day. Filled with tips, tricks and really cool wallpapers, I really like how she gives us a peek into her life-personal and professional, even though who she is is still shrouded in mystery. Check her out! She always has great stories on her instagram page where she details her day to day activitoes as a 6th year med student in Europe. She also has a really fun youtube channel!

2. Teenah’s Lounge

I’m Jamaican through and through, but low key, if I were to come back as any other nationality, I would want to come back as a Nigerian! (Lol 9ja no dey carry last ??). As someone who always wants to learn about options for persons wanting to study medicine and what medicine is like worldwide, I found Dr Martina Aiki first on her YouTube channel, where she details her journey from Nigeria to study medicine in China. On her Instagram channel, she recounts her daily activities, study tips and tricks, and overall great content! Check her out!

3. Reseaudocteur

This Instagram page with 138,000 followers (and counting!) highlights medical professionals of colour and their achievements. Not only does it serve as great motivation, it also has really funny memes and videos that can serve as needed stress relief! Click on the title to check their feed out!

4. Andrea Elena

This fellow Caribbean girl is a Trinidadian medical student currently studying medicine in Barbados at the University of the West Indies. Oh, she’s also a fitness guru, posting photos and videos of how to keep fit and active even with a busy med school schedule. Even more cool, she is a motivator extraordinaire, and posts to her feed regular uplifting messages and lessons. Need more reason to follow her? She has the cutesttttt orange catttttt! Cat lovers, UNITE ?!

5. The Artsy MD

Student Dr Rezi and her comics really brighten my day on a regular. The Artsy MD has funny, relatable comics on a myriad of med student issues- imposter syndrome, burnout, wins, the works! She even wrote a book Girls for Medicine, encouraging girls, especially girls of colour to be medical professionals! You have to give her a follow! You won’t regret it!


As you look for these medical influencers to follow, don’t forget to follow us on instagram as well! If you’re still not sure if medicine is for you, click here!

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