Top 5 Side Hustles for Med Students

Top 5 Med Student Side Hustle

So you’ve embarked on your journey to the MD, but you’ve encountered a big problem- unless you are lucky enough to not have to think about money for the 4-7 years of school, you have found more holes in your pocket than you’re happy about. Med student poverty is a real thing, guys- and you’re right in the middle of it. What is a broke med student to do? “Side Hustle” is a real buzzword these days, but you get more and more confused weighing your options.

Never fear. We are about to let you know the top 5 side hustles for med students in the struggle. Here are some ways to make a few bucks as you wade through the waters of “study-ration”.

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What are the Top 5 Side Hustles for Medical Students?

Broke med student side hustle
Is this you? If so, read on!

Side Hustle List

1. Online Tutoring

It’s fair to say that after a number of years as a student, you know a thing or two about a thing or two. Why not get paid to help others learn what you already know? You can gain anywhere from $10- 30 dollars per hour tutoring students of all ages science and math. If you are also skilled at other subjects it’s also great addition to your resume. For a list of sites that you can check out to sign up for tutoring gigs click here!

Med Student Tutoring
Your side hustle could be online tutoring

2. Language Teaching

Since we’re already in the realm of education, if you are a pro at your own language, or you are bi- or multilingual, why not take a whack at being a language teacher? There are millions of people who are actively looking to expand their language skills, and there are so many language teaching platforms out there that cater for this huge market, especially if you speak English. The only cons to English teaching and other forms of tutoring is that you will have to be sure that outside of unforseen curcumstances, you are always available at the specified time. Also, teaching salaries may vary based on the platform- some may be better than others. Click here for a list of Language teaching platforms currently looking for Tutors!

3. Translation/Transcription

Are you speedy on the keyboard? Or are you bi or multilingual? There is money to be made, friend! With the boom in the online markets, there is increased demand for translation services, converting written or audio content to another language. Not only that, if you want to take your fingers for a spin, a great side hustle is helping private clients as well as large companies convert confidential and or other niche information to typed text! Depending on the company you work for online, you can make an average of $30 per hour. A con in this business however is that the process of translation and transcription takes a bit of time- but if you’re up for it, full speed ahead! Here are some transcription platforms and translation side hustle job sites.

Language tutor med student

4. Freelancing

If you’ve looked at the suggestions so far and you don’t see yourself tutoring, you only speak English and can only type with one finger at a time, don’t give up just yet. All of us have a secret gift or talent that unbeknownst to us, is in demand on the wonderful world of the internet. If so, market your skills, from voice over acting, blog writing, graphic design, and even whistling on the many freelancing sites online. I personally use Fiverr and have made a few bucks there that have bailed me out from time to time, and there are other sites like Upwork and Freelancer that will allow you to make any penny that exists for your skill. Here is a list of other freelancing sites you can join and make dem p’s!

5. Merch Sales

Lastly, what about making your own products and selling them online? The word of the decade is “entrepreneur” and you can be one too! On sites like Spring and Amazon Merch, you can design your own shirts and branded products without spending a cent on inventory or distribution! If your creativity goes a bit further than shirts and mugs, then on Etsy you can sell almost any product you can make. The internet is your oyster of creation, and the side hustle has no limits.

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Money all from the comfort of your phone!


These are only the top 5 of so many avenues and side hustle ideas that you can use during busy days and long nights to make some money on the side. Who knows, with consistency and a bit of good fortune, they can even help you pay for school! Check it out! Let us know what other ways you make money as a med student in the comments!

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