On the Journey to Medicine

Student Doctor on the Journey to Medicine

For everyone it’s different, but one thing is certain, the journey to medicine is an uphill climb. Akshita tells her story…

Several years ago, I remember my dad telling me yet another story about his school days. He told me how everyone from his class wanted to come to America, but he didn’t care for it. When he had kids, he wanted to be able to give us the opportunities he didn’t have growing up. In 2001, at the age of 3, I along with my family moved to America as first-generation immigrants.

Starting the journey to medicine
Young Akshita starts the journey...

Getting Started

I was in the seventh grade when I decided that I was going to be a doctor. It was a little strange because my dad was an engineer and my sister was following in his footsteps, while my mom’s side was mainly academics, professors, and such. But people fascinated me. I’ve spent years getting to this point, the point where I was actively learning medicine and learning how the human body works. I am more fascinated now than I was over ten years ago.

The journey to medical school was filled with more potholes than I can count. My immigration status, being married to someone in the army, and not having a 4.0 GPA and perfect MCAT played a factor in my being at St. George’s University today. That said, I regret nothing. If I didn’t have immigration issues I would not have met my best friends (who convinced me to apply to SGU), or my husband who supported me throughout med school, and I wouldn’t be grateful for the life I have now.

Finding Love

Akshita and her hubby…

I met my husband while in college in Georgia. We got married in 2018 and then finally moved into our little place, in Colorado in 2020. We keep each other balanced, whenever I have a freak out he calms me down, whenever he’s lazy I kick his butt off the couch.


Being the spouse of someone in the army has more ups and downs than I can count. Most of our relationship was long-distance and across an ocean. Yet we have managed to be together for six years. If it wasn’t for his constant encouragement and unwavering belief I would not be in medical school on my way to being a doctor. He’s the reason I keep pushing myself to do more, see more, and live my life to the fullest.

What I’ve Learned

One of the biggest lessons I have learned the past year is to not give up. Many American medical schools rejected me, until I was accepted by SGU, a school that may not have been on my radar initially but has become home. The obstacles you face are merely that, an obstacle, not the final destination.

For anyone thinking, “How am I going to get there?”, “I’m not good enough or smart enough”, or even the fact that yes it’s a lot of work. That first step you take towards your goal is enough to change everything. I know I would not be here without the constant support from my family, husband, and friends. Look back and think of all the changes that even a single day can bring.

A year ago, I was nowhere near my goal of becoming a doctor, and today I am 1/8th of the journey to becoming Akshita Maan-Dutta, MD.

Supported on the journey to medicine by family
Family Support- Graduating pre-med!


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Student Doctor on the Journey to Medicine

Akshita Maan-Dutta

Akshita is a first year medical student at the St George's University in Grenada. She is a military wife and loves sharing her experience through her social medica platforms. Check her out at md.tobe25.

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