World Medical Missions: On the job in Ghana

Medical student helps Ghanaian children

So you’ve wanted to volunteer on a world medical missions trip abroad- but how do you do it? What do you need to know, and what can a med student do? Student Dr. Dee tells us her story…

MC: Hey Doc! Introduce yourself!

Hi! My name is Donique, but I go by Dee and I’m 25 yrs old. I just started my second year 2 weeks ago. One interesting fact is that I’ve gotten an education in 3 different countries so far- Jamaica, the United States and Grenada!

Medical student Volunteer, Dee!
Student Dr Dee!

MC: Wow… That’s interesting! When did your journey in medicine begin?

Dee: My journey began in middle school, when I decided I wanted to be a Doctor. It was not a straight path but it was a unique one that prepared me for life ahead. Nevertheless after almost 3 years of working, I finally decided to complete the journey by beginning medical school in August 2020.

MC: So, we know that you recently gave back as a member of a volunteer medical missions trip to Ghana. How did you get involved?
Dee: My friend Sakeli @sakelimd told me of her plan to go on this mission trip and I told her I was interested.  She planned everything and I paid the required fees and showed up.

MC: Thank God for great friends! What did you do there?

Dee: While there I volunteered in 2 different clinics, Frankadua and Atimpoku and worked alongside the nurses and midwives that practically run the show. I, alongside the other volunteers, visited schools and the community to do wound care which was very much needed. We also personally donated enough money to test almost 800 children for malaria, and treat the almost 48% of children that tested positive.

Student Dr Dee and the Schoolchildren…

MC: While working alongside the local healthcare staff, what did you learn on world medical missions experience?

Dee: There were so many things to learn from this trip, especially since my first year of medical school was completely online! I learned to trust myself and the knowledge that I have gained in medical school. However, for me one of the most important lessons had nothing to do with medical school or medicine.

The biggest lesson for me was a reminder of gratitude. Although I’ve never been one to take life for granted, seeing everyone in this community still smile and treat us like Kings and Queens despite whatever they lacked was eye-opening. I also learned very quickly to be sparing with all of our medical supplies so that we were effective in treating the members of the community and still have enough remaining to help others.

Student medical doctor

MC: In your opinion, how important is it for medical schools to encourage volunteerism?

Dee: I believe it is very important that schools not only encourage volunteerism but also give opportunities to all students as well.

MC: We agree with you there! Anything else you’d like to add about your mission project?

Dee: While volunteering in the clinics we realized they were in need of a lot of equipment and supplies. We started a GoFundMe to raise money to help purchase some of these supplies. Our goal is $5,000 and we are $1430 away from that!


Thanks a mill to Student Doctor Dee! Check her out on her Instagram page thefuturedrdee to follow her journey to that MD! Get involved in giving back- whether at home, or abroad! It’s never too early! Check out this site for organizations that are open to student volunteers!

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