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Let’s get something straight. Even though I bleed black, green and gold   (#876!), this edition of the #Internationalmedicine series is super important to me, because, after studying medicine here for close to four years, there just might be a bit of México en la piel… heh ??

Mexico is an extremely popular option for students looking to become doctors in an international setting- I should know- I’m living that life. But let’s hear from someone who knows Mexico through and through: how different is med in Mexico? Let’s meet a real live med student and find out! 

Student Dr Ivan…

1. Introduce yourself! 
IC: My name is Ivan Cuevas (@cuevasquint.ro). I’m 23 years old. I’m from Mexico and I am studying medicine in Mexico as well.

2. Why do you want to be a doctor?
IC: I have many goals but one of the most important of them is that I want to change the health system in my country. I want to give something new to medicine and I want to be productive.

3. Why did you choose this country?
IC: Well, I didn’t choose the country. I was born here. For me it’s easier studying near  my family.

4. How do you apply for school there?
IC: After receiving pre-university education, you need to take an exam of basic and general knowledge as well as knowledge of the area of health and science.

Some schools choose to take an introductory career course where you receive classes and assignments that have a certain value for admission.

5. What does medical school entail there? 
IC: They are 12 semesters in total or 6 years. 4 years (8 semesters) you study in school receiving classes and attending practices in hospitals and health centers. Subsequently, you complete a year of internship that is completely done at a second level health institution (hospital) and 1 year of social service where you attend to a community in rural areas to provide health service.

6. What does a normal day look like?
IC: My normal school hours are from 7:00 am – 5:00 pm. The subsequent time can be dedicated to practice in the clinical field, perform tasks, self-study as well as sports or recreational activities.

7. What do you do to destress? 
IC: I like to do sports, go out with my friends and sleep.  I live in a small paradise called Colima that has beaches, rivers, mountains and two volcanoes and everything is very close, so you can easily make scheduled visits to those areas.

Vistas from Colima

8. What are your future plans?

IC: My main plan is to finish my degree and nowadays I am very interested in studying the specialty of psychiatry, but those plans may change during the course of my degree. I would like to have a personal blog about medicine or healthy lifestyles. I would also like to travel the world and learn 5 languages. 


A big thanks to Ivan for showing off what #medstudent life is like in Mexico #lindoyquerido! Follow him on Instagram at @cuevasquint.ro !

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