Medical Technology: Stepping Stones to the Future ???‍?

by @studyante

So you want to study the health sciences, but you know medicine isn’t for you. Don’t stress- #medcute is here to help! Ever heard of Medical Technologists? They’re also called Clinical Laboratory Scientists and they are the reasons why your Doc knows exactly what’s wrong with you after he or she makes their differential diagnosis… Let’s hear from a Med Tech student and find out more!

Medical Laboratory Science was once a program I never considered getting into. I always heard about it from my friends, yet I was not interested, because I knew little about it. My high school self would never have imagined being in the program and enjoying every bit of it. This path was a dream I never dreamt of.

Being in the medical field was something I was always interested in since I was a child. I aspired to become a doctor at a young age. But as time passed by, I gained different interests and the course of my dreams shifted from being a fashion designer to an accountant and then to a performing artist. I was so curious, wanting to experience a lot- and that made me so confused about what I wanted to do in the future. For secondary school, I entered a science-focused high school where I rediscovered my love for the sciences. There, I was reminded of what I wanted in the first place, to become a doctor. The drive I have right now was sparked by my biology teachers. I loved biology so much at that time that I wanted to pursue biology. But it was yet another stepping stone for me to finally reach what I would truly love.

Analyzing samples…

Preparing for college was the most challenging thing in the process because it determines where we will be in four or more years. This was the time I explored new things, new challenges, and new opportunities. I applied to different sciences: biology, molecular biology, nutrition and dietetics, and medical laboratory science. Interest, skills, opportunity, and practicality were the factors I considered. None of these fields was a bad choice and I loved every single one, but I chose the course that best fit a student like me: I chose Medical Technology.

Medical Laboratory Scientists or Medical Technologists are those who work in the laboratory, analyze bodily fluids, which aids with the physician’s diagnosis. They are barely known by people, compared to the nurses and doctors, and their roles are somewhat disregarded. The situation of the world today clearly shows that Med Techs are “unsung heroes” but they carry a great responsibility. I want this profession to be seen as equal in importance with other healthcare workers, and be recognized accordingly. They deserve it. Even with just a year of experience in the laboratory as a student, I was enlightened more about what this course can offer. We are exposed to different microorganisms and infectious fluids, but we learn how to be cautious and responsible inside the laboratory. We experience multiple phlebotomy procedures per day, both done to ourselves and our classmates, and we never complain. Experiencing these things give us the proper training, skills, and the privilege to handle patients in the future.

It took a long time before I considered getting into the course. But I hope that through my journey, others will consider studying Medical Laboratory Science and be one of the “heroes of the lab”. I am so grateful I chose this program and that I am able to study with many of my friends, as we share our successes and joys, and also our challenges and defeats. May we see just how important, rewarding, and fulfilling being a Medical Laboratory Scientist is.

@study.ante is a Medical Technology University student studying in the Philippines. Follow her to keep up with just what being a Med Tech is about, and her day to day shenanigans.

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