Top 5 Medical YouTube Channels You Need to Ace Med School During Quarantine

I have the attention span of a peanut?, so I CANNOT read textbooks endlessly. Because of this, I’ve become really in tune with the video med learning community, and while I’m no med prodigy, I haven’t fallen by the wayside of medical aspiration just yet. Yours truly is also very CHEAP- a product of circumstance (med school pauperization) rather than a miserly outlook, so dear, dear YouTube has been such an answer to middle-of-the-night exam stress prayers. Why spend hours reading when you could learn the same thing in 15 minutes?

Here are 5 of the best med channels on Youtube that have helped (and still help) me in med school!

1. Ninja Nerd Lectures

Where would I be without Zach? I first discovered the Ninja Nerd team in 2018 when I first battled Biochemistry. That course is no joke, but somehow, I read only one page of Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry before I realized that it would not work. Like a gift from heaven, I discovered the Ninja Nerd Biochemistry playlist, and it worked so well, I never took up another Biochem text. This channel isn’t your regular med lecture channel. Zach is so down to earth and so full of PRACTICAL knowledge that it’s easy to not just get the information but reproduce it anywhere. Krebs Cycle, Smeb’s Cycle- it was easy-peasy with Ninja Nerds. They don’t only do Biochemistry- they have playlists on Anatomy, Physiology, and all the other system blocks you are currently studying.

2. Dr Najeeb Lectures

If you want fancy, this probably won’t work for you. But Dr Najeeb’s Lectures don’t have the title of World’s Most Popular Medical Lectures for nothing. Lemme tell you something. THOROUGH- Dr Najeeb. KNOWLEDGEABLE- Dr Najeeb. CORNY JOKES- Dr Najeeb. Lol. Take my word for it. Anything you want, you’ll get with Dr Najeeb. Don’t be fooled- his lectures aren’t cute 10 minute videos, but that’s because during every lecture he reinforces the material by repetition. That means by the end of the lecture, you won’t need to revise as much because it’s already made learning tracks in your brain. Check out his video on Action Potentials below.

3. Speed Pharmacology

I hated and still hate Pharm. But guess what. What I couldn’t understand in class was made a bit easier with a little channel that was a life saver for me, especially in my Pharmacology labs. Speed Pharm presents the drug classes and their respective side effects, mechanisms, kinetics, dynamics, and everything in between with short, but clear and concise doodles and lectures. Just enough for me to understand so I could pass an introductory quiz or actually be able to decipher what the Katzung was saying.

4. MedCram

What’s not to love about this channel? Dr Seheult carefully takes to time to explain in detail various high yield concept for board exams and even just classroom and clinical knowledge in videos that are 30 mins tops. I discovered him while I was trying and failing to understand the pesky types of acidosis and alkalosis. In one video, the ROME concept- “Respiratory Opposite and Metabolic Equal” made viewing pH, CO2 and Bicarb values a breeze. Check him out!

5. Drbeen Medical Lectures

This spring in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became very necessary to understand not just what COVID-19 is, but how it actually infected and affected several lines of the body’s normal function. Because your girl couldn’t ready through countless pages of researches, I went to my favorite website in the world, YouTube and looked around. Before long I discovered a channel that gained itself a new subscriber and explained the cytokine storm and the coagulation cascade relation to the SARS COV-2 virus simply and easily. DR Been. He is a true master, and you can find up to 10 years of material on his channel on various subjects. Checkout his video on the relation of hemophilia with COVID-19 below.

Which YouTube channels work best for you? Lemme know in the comments below! Remember to follow us on our Instagram page @medcuteonline!

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