5 Best Study Playlists on YouTube

So I remember a few months ago, in celebration of completing the first full year I did a post about the 5 Ways to survive Med School on Zoom. This list included study techniques, apps and more that personally worked for me. One important tool is a playlist. I have a short attention span, but somehow only when it’s study time. Weird, huh? Lol. According to TIME magazine, it isn’t just me. Humans apparently now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. What helps, most of the time is a bit of background noise that isn’t too familiar so I can sing along, but still enjoyable so that I’m able to stick to the task long enough to get it done.

So here are 5 of my favourite study playlists! Check them out!

1. Strive To Fit 4.5 Hour Pomodoro

I’ve told you the benefits of Pomodoro, and even more what SELF-DISCIPLINE can do when you study through this method. This pomodoro playlist is by far my favorite. Jamie, who is an Emergency Medicine Resident has a number of Pomodoros on her channel, but the 4 and a half hour length, punctuated with 5 minute breaks every 25 minutes makes it easier to stick to the task. The music is a jazzy, bossa nova mix that is soothing enough to keep you on task, but not enough to send you to sleep. WHICH IS A PLUS. Check out the video playlist here!

2. The Sherry Formula 2 Hour Pomodoro

This pomodoro playlist is 2 hours, but Sherry’s presence on the screen and the rainy- day- inside sounds make you feel like it’s a cozy day inside and actually makes you get into the study mode. The alarms are quite useful in making you get into and out of the study mode, and the screen visuals also give quite an organized vibe, which is great for anyone who likes light and airy visuals. Check it out!

3. The Great Escape- Blue Wednesday

I discovered this short playlist by accident. I was looking around YouTube for a new study playlist and found a music track called Mother Nature. It has a chill, lo-fi hip-hop sound over a somber melody. Man, I was hooked. Later I found that the channel responsible for the track had a few playlists with a similar sound. I use it for short tasks that don’t require much mental effort, but I still need to focus to get done. Check it out below!

4. Tropical Beats

This playlist is my saviour on those all-nighters when sleep is knocking on my door, but I still need to study those last chapters before the exam the next morning. This is no chill pomodoro. This is all Caribbean jump up music, which won’t work when regular studying is required, but is quite useful in preventing sleep. Works almost as well as coffee, with less side effects! Use when required!

5. Focus Music Playlist 2 Hours

This is another pomodoro playlist that I’ve been using. There are quite a few on the Study Music Project channel, but this one is the video I’ve used the most. As a 90s R&B fan, I’ve always thought that the first melody sounds quite a bit like Shanice’s Saving Forever For You. Is it just me? Tell me what you think.

Tell us in the comments below if any of these work or which playlists work the best for you! Remember to follow us on Instagram @medcuteonline!

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