5 Best Medical TV Dramas

Alright. As president of the procrastination and distraction club, this meeting of distracted med students is called to order… My focused med students, this is for you too, we all need breaks. One way to recap your medical knowledge (or lack thereof) or give your self a boost of motivation when you see those doctors giving medical orders in well-fitting scrubs is by watching actors become in a matter of lines what we spend years training to do. Here are my top 5 medical dramas. No, Grey’s Anatomy is not on this list. Let me know in the comments which ones I missed!

1. House (2004-2012)

Specialty: Double specialty in infectious disease and nephrology

That limp… that cane… that gruff voice and absolute lack of bedside manner made this show about vicodin-addicted Dr Gregory House and his team of doctors a classic. If there was a Sherlock Holmes of medicine, it would be Dr House. Honestly, his knowledge and desire to get to the root of exactly what was the problem with his patients made up for his utter lack of courtesy and politeness. But what I really liked about this show is not only the level of medical accuracy, but also the fact that while House was the star, you got to see all the other doctors in their element- a little drama, but alot of medicine.

2. The Good Doctor (2017)

Specialty: General Surgery

I want no discussion on this. Shawn, Shawn, SHAWN! From the first episode you get drawn in to the plot, not just because of Shawn’s autism that makes it difficult to interact socially (in a job that requires social skills) and incredible intellect and memory (the way this dude remembers details from his medical books is INSANE ), but because of the uncovering of the bias that does exist in the medical field. In this series we see Shawn grow in his work and personal relationships, and discover himself as a doctor AND an individual. Also, I STAN him and Lea.

3. Chicago Med (2015)

Specialties: Emergency Medicine

I personally don’t see myself in the EM specialty, because I like to sit, think and weigh my options before acting, however I give a huge props to doctors who save lives by acting quickly where time is of the essence and the very difference between life and death. In Chicago Med we see a diverse group of medical professionals dealing with all the various cases that come in to the emergency department worldwide- the good, the bad and the ugly. We see the nurses running the floor and how each member of the medical team is essential to making a hospital run. The backstories and the personal dramas give a nice touch, but it’s not over done- which I like. Also: Brian Tee. That’s all. You’re welcome.

4. Scrubs (2001-2010)

Specialties: EVERYTHING

Scrubs became a recent favorite of mine. Sometimes on medical TV shows all we see are broody health professionals with nothing more to their lives than love triangles and suspense filled medical emergencies. In Scrubs, the humanity and the COMEDY of being a health professional in a hospital is shown quite accurately, in my opinion: the nurses versus the doctors, the internists versus the surgical docs, the weird staff members and the gunners. You see yourself through J.D. and Turk, because the friends you make in med school DO MATTER. It’s so hilariously relatable! Also, Carla and Turk are the best on screen couple ever!

5. The Resident (2018)

Specialty: Internal Medicine and Surgery

This show I watch not for the medicine. I watch it for THE RAPTOR AND MINA. That is all. Lol, I’m kidding. The cast is very diverse and the tough, cut throat world of medicine is shown on full display. It’s very fast paced and the relationships between the doctors are interesting enough to keep watching and rooting for them.


City of Angels (2000)

It’s really sad that this show seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth, but a majority black cast of medical professionals- the greats, from Vivica A. Fox, Blair Underwood, Hill Harper, Maya Rudolph, Viola Davis- killed this show about working as medical professionals in an underserved, low income community hospital. This brought to the fore #blackexcellence in medicine with an incredible plot and great lessons. Best line- “It’s ash… It’s a black thing…” Watch the clip below!


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