5 Top Jobs for Pre-Med Students

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You’re on your way to that medical degree- whether it’s the MD, DO, MBBS or MbChB, but you know that medical schools look for quite a competitive profile. Or maybe you just need some good old money. Whatever the reason, a Job is calling. What are the options available for you? Here are the 5 top jobs for pre-Med students, listed in no particular order, so that you can get paid and the experience you need.

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1. Phlebotomist

A Phlebotomist is someone trained in the skill of venipuncture, which is drawing blood from people in a clinical environment. This skill has always been in demand and will definitely serve you well when you enter the medical field. The only draw-back to this job is that you will have to undergo a few months training before you can begin making money. Depending on where you live, you can make about 26,000 USD a year doing this job.

A phlebotomist tends to her patients

2. Research Assistant

Every medical school welcomes, necesitates, even- students that have experience in research and scientific investigation. Why not complete that requirement and make money out of it as well? Some of your undergrad professors would be more than willing to have you assist them in data collection and processing. One can make about 38,000 USD per year doing this job as well.

Student works in research and brainstorming with post-its

3. Tutoring

It’s fair to say that after a number of years as a student, you know a thing or two about a thing or two. Why not get paid to help others learn what you already know? You can gain anywhere from $10- 30 dollars per hour tutoring students of all ages science and math. If you have skill in other subjects it’s also great addition to your resume. For a list of sites that you can check out to sign up for tutoring gigs click here!

4. Language Education

If you are a pro at your own language, or you are bi- or multilingual, why not take a whack at being a language teacher? There are millions of people who are actively looking to expand their language skills, and there are so many language teaching platforms out there that cater for this huge market. The only cons to English teaching and other forms of tutoring is that you will have to be sure that you are always available at the specified time. Also, teaching salaries may vary based on the platform- some may be better than others. Click here for a list of Language teaching platforms currently looking for Tutors!

5. Medical Scribe

This one is quite popular especially on the pages of the World Wide Web. A scribe builds medical databases, performs clerical duties and works very closely in the day to day operations of a health care practice. This job is usually done by students with varying hours, which is perfect for you if you need a part-time job while you study those books. Being this close to healthcare also gives you the opportunity to decide whether or not clinical healthcare is something you really want to do.

pre-med student works as medical scribe

These are only the top 5 of so many jobs that you can use to make some money and prepare for life in medicine. Who knows, with consistency and a bit of good fortune, they can even help you pay for school! Check it out! Let us know what other jobs for pre-med students exist in the comments!

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